Returning for a second year is the Tulips of the Valley Festival. Onos Greenhouse Ltd leased 20 acres of tulip fields from a farmer in Chilliwack and their wonderful partnership created the largest tulip festival in Western Canada.

Now, as you can imagine, 20 acres yields quite a bit of bulbs. After the blooming season, Onos Greenhouses collects the bulbs to use them in their greenhouse operations to produce tulips that are sold throughout western Canada and the Northern States.

As this is a family affair, it makes sense to bring the whole family. Kids can create souvenir pieces in the craft tent or munch of Dutch mini pancakes from local food trucks. There’s also some fresh Dutch Stroopwafels. Stroll through the rows and rows of pure colour — over seven million tulips worth. Enjoy the windmill and views of Mt. Cheam.

The festival is a genuinely beautiful event.

May 10, 2018