3 Nearby Airports from Chilliwack. Call us to book a taxi to the Airport.

3 Nearby Airports from Chilliwack. Call us to book a taxi to the Airport.

Chilliwack is a city located in British Columbia, Canada. Chilliwack is located 102 Kilometres east of Vancouver on the Trans Canada Highway. However, the population of Chilliwack was about 100,000 in 2021.

If someone wants to travel out of the city or country. Then they prefer flight as a mode of transport for traveling. Anyone who decides to travel via flight looks for the nearest airport so that they can reach the airport on time. However, we will also recommend you a way to reach the nearest airport in this article later.

If you are looking for an airport near Chilliwack. Then you should read this article as we will tell you about the nearest airport to Chilliwack.

Nearest airports to Chilliwack

Chilliwack is 3 hours North of Vancouver, BC, near the Trans Canada Highway. Air travel can be a convenient way to make it down to the Lower Mainland for a break. If you want to know about the nearest airport to Chilliwack, this section will give you the three nearest airports to Chilliwack. The following are the list of the nearest airport to Chilliwack-

1. Chilliwack Municipal Airport (YCW)

Chilliwack Municipal Airport, also known as YCW, is an airport located in Chilliwack, Canada. Chilliwack municipal Airport, formerly known as Chilliwack Airport, is a public airport operated by Magnum Management inc. The length of the runway of this airport is 3,986 ft.

Chilliwack Municipal Airport is the nearest airport to Chilliwack and takes approximately 2 minutes to reach via taxi or car. The distance between Chilliwack and Chilliwack municipal Airport is almost 1km.

However, this airport is not an international airport, but you do not have to panic as the remaining two airports are international airports. So, keep reading to learn about the nearest international airport.

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2. Vancouver Airport

Vancouver airport, also known as YVR, is an international airport serving Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Vancouver airport is the second biggest airport in Canada. Vancouver airport is located on the sea island, Richmond, British Columbia, about 12km southwest of Vancouver.

 Vancouver airport registered 26,379,870 in 2019 and registered 7,300,287 passengers in 2020. The number of passengers was less due to the pandemic. Vancouver airport offers several services to their passengers, including restaurants, ATMs, currency exchange, etc.

Vancouver airport is far away from Chilliwack and takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach via car or taxi. The distance between Chilliwack and Vancouver is 113.7 km. Therefore, traveling via E-bus to Vancouver airport will take approximately 3 hours to reach the airport.

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3. Abbotsford Airport

Abbotsford Airport is the nearest airport to Chilliwack. This airport is located four kilometers away from the city center of Abbotsford. The Abbotsford Airport Authority manages the airport on behalf of Abbotsford city. The airport is spread over 519 hectares and aims to provide services to more than four million passengers by 2030.

The best way to reach Abbotsford Airport from Chilliwack is by taxi or personal car. As we mentioned before, Abbotsford Airport is the nearest airport to Chilliwack and takes approximately 30 minutes to reach. Abbotsford Airport is 40.4 km away from Chilliwack.

If you want to reach the airport faster and on time, you should give time to this article as we will give you the best way to reach the airport in the next section below.

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Reach the airport with a Cheam Taxi

Suppose someone does not have a vehicle to reach the airport. Then they will look for alternative options to reach the airport, and if you are one of those looking for a mode of transport to reach the airport faster and on time. Then you must consider the Cheam taxi service to reach the airport on time.

You can also consider e-bus to reach the airport, but as you read above, buses take more time to reach the airport than cars. However, there is numerous taxi service offering a ride toward the airport. So why should you consider Cheam Taxi to reach the airport? Hold on, as we will clear all your confusion about Cheam Taxi later in this article.

Cheam Taxi provides 24/7 taxi service in Chilliwack and its nearby areas. We also provide 24/7 drop-off services to all major airports in the valley. Many residents and tourists have considered Cheam Taxi for traveling to the airport and found their services satisfactory.

However, the Cheam Taxi service is well known in Chilliwack. Wondering why? The following services of Cheam Taxi will help you to understand the reason behind its popularity of the Cheam Taxi-

  • Cheam Taxi provides a particular vehicle with handicap accessibility on request.
  • Cheam Taxi provides 24 hours services to all major airports.
  • Seven passengers van on request
  • Sightseeing
  • Drive to or from for WCB claim requirements like physiotherapist clinic
  • Children drop off at school regularly
  • Pick up of children from school regularly
  • We provide their services in Chilliwack, Yarrow, Agassiz, and more.
  • Clean and safe services
  • Taxi delivery service
  • Jumpstart services

If you are impressed by the services of the Cheam Taxi. Then what are you waiting for? Give Cheam Taxi a chance to help you with their services. You can consider the Cheam Taxi service as your taxi service to help you reach the airport. You can pre-book your trip to the nearest airport by visiting their website or mobile app or calling their phone number. No matter the time, Cheam Taxi is ready to deliver its services, even at night.

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There is a shortage of airports near Chilliwack, Canada. But you can consider Chilliwack Municipal Airport, Vancouver Airport, and Abbotsford airport as the nearest airports to Chilliwack. However, Abbotsford Airport is the most nearest International Airport to Chilliwack. You can consider Cheam Taxi service to reach the airport on time.

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