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About us

Cheam taxi: Committed to Be The best taxi service in chilliwack

About Cheam Taxi

Our business name Cheam, was named after Mount Cheam that dominates the skyline of everyone from Chilliwack to Harrison Hot Springs. We have chosen the name Cheam because our main goal is to reach the top and to provide the best service possible to all our loyal customers. In the same way that Mt. Cheam is a landmark in Chilliwack and Agassiz, we hope that Cheam Taxi will be your choice in taxi service. We aim to provide you with a clean, safe ride and one that is dependable. Simply put, we have big shoes to fill to live up to our name, but it's a challenge that we take head-on. Our goal is to build a solid reputation here in the Valley so that all of you, our customers will know that we will always be there for you and we will never leave you hanging. We appreciate the fact that we have plenty of loyal customers and we thank you for all your support and faithfulness.

We are ​Committed to the quality service

The quality of Chilliwack Taxi Services has never been better. At the time of new ownership, the company was given a facelift by changing all our policies and our cars to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Easily recognizable, our black and white cars are a trusted and respected taxi ride in Chilliwack. With the changes, we have made and our commitment to providing the best Taxi Service in Chilliwack we're making a great recovery and doing better than ever! We would like to thank all our faithful customers and all the customers yet to come and last but not least, all the drivers and dispatchers for their loyalty to the company.

Our goal

Our goal is to continuously:

Provide the best taxi service in Chilliwack as well as building a good reputation in the Valley among our customers.

It is becoming clear to us that our #1 objective is almost upon us. We have been striving to provide great service and maintain a good reputation and relationship with our customers and the community. 

Soon, we will be getting more and more cars out on the road so just watch out, or our ​lightening-fast drivers (within the speed limit of course) might just fly by you!

We now have vans that seat 7 passengers as well as a wheelchair-accessible van! 

Our main objective is to become the leader in our industry and when that happens we will rejoice with many thanks to you all. Help us out and use Cheam Taxi for all your taxi needs. We think you will be happy with your choice, as most of our customers have been.

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