Shandhar Hut

In the Indian culture, Shandhar means “grand” or “luxurious.” After trying the eclectic Indian Flavours at Shandar Hut, your taste buds will agree that it’s a grand experience. The talented South Asian chefs prepare dishes from the northern provinces. The cuisine options consist of of meat, seafood and vegetables marinated with delicious spices and cooked in a clay tandoor at high temperatures so everything remains tender and succulent. Every dish comes with a cooling yogurt mixture called “raita” which is enough to refresh your mouth for the next bite.

Cookie’s Grill

Generally identified as a great “working man’s” lunch stop, Cookie’s Grill serves traditional American-slash-Canadian food such as burgers, fries and fish tacos. The staff are super friendly and each menu option has a lot of tasty food. Just be mindful of parking if you’re driving. Better to park a little farther and walk on over.

Pho Galaxy Restaurant

Spring roll lovers rejoice! This little gem has the tastiest Vietnamese cuisine in Chilliwack. You can choose the pho, vermicelli or rice combos. The service is fast and friendly. If you plan to fill your tummy here, best to show up early to avoid long waiting periods as this place is popular with locals and visitors.

The Yellow Deli

The Yellow Deli has a super fun atmosphere with a fireplace and wooden decor. With its lighting, the overall effect is a homey feeling with nourishing dishes. Customers loves the sandwiches the best because they are made with fresh baked bread straight from the oven. Throw in a soup or salad and you’re set for the rest of the day.