Best time to go to Harrison hot springs BC Canada. How to plan a visit?

Best time to go to Harrison hot springs BC and how to plan visit

Situated at the southern end of Harrison Lake, the biggest Lake in the southern Coast Mountains Region of British Columbia, Canada, is a small community village town known as Harrison Hot Springs. Harrison Lake and Harrison Hot Springs form part of the Fraser Valley region.

The region is named after Benjamin Harrison, who was the former deputy governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company. The small community, known widely for its hot springs, is home to only 1500 people. It invites and attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year from all parts of Canada for an enriching, fun, and relaxing experience.

Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

The enormous appeal of Harrison Hot Springs is undoubtedly its moniker springs. However, it also offers other attractions, including the Ranger Station Public Art Gallery, a Marina offering jet boat excursions of the Lake, a nine-hole golf course, and the quickest entrance to Sasquatch Provincial Park. The Harrison Festival of the Arts, a ten-day extravaganza of global art and music, takes place in July at Harrison Hot Springs.

The yearly Festival includes two weekend art markets, visual art exhibits, numerous workshops, free outdoor beach music, ticketed nighttime events, and a children’s day. Throughout September and May every year, the Harrison Festival typically hosts ten to twelve professional performing arts events. This period is undoubtedly the most vibrant and happening time to visit the place.

In addition to the hot springs, an assortment of unique activities can be enjoyed at the Harrison Hot Springs. These include hiking or trekking through the Sasquatch Provincial Park early in the morning, enjoying a game of Golf, Taking in the art and culture of the region at the Ranger Station Public Art Gallery, enjoying water sports and boat tours at the Marina on a jet boat, and even living in a historic building. This place is home to varied landscapes offering a plethora of activities to enjoy. From a lake to a hillside and everything in between, the Harrison hot Springs would make a memorable vacation for everyone in the family. Grab your kids or friends and plan your next trip here.

Best time to visit Harrison Hot Springs

Almost every travel destination has a time or season when the beauty of the place is at its peak. Tourists are advised to visit the destination at such a time. However, in the case of Harrison Hot Springs, like a few other popular tourist destinations, this season is all year round. No matter when you visit Harrison hot springs, you are guaranteed to have a good time. However, if you are searching for the best time when the place would be lit up with fun activities to enjoy, then the months between April to September are the best.

During these months, the hot springs bring a significant change of pace and allow visitors to immerse in some purely relaxing activities. Enjoying a beautiful view of the province in a hot spring as your muscles relax and unwind is the best feeling in the world. Apart from the hot springs, the July Arts and Music Festival is a beautiful place to enjoy with friends. Immerse in cultural excellence and groove to some catchy tunes. Discover new artists and musicians and get inspired to give your creative side a spin.

Since Canada is notoriously known for being a relatively cold place for most of the year, this place brings a good break. Not only does the cold weather make the hot springs more enjoyable, but other activities like water sports, hiking, trekking, and golfing also gain more popularity among the masses.

How to Plan a Trip to Harrison Hot Springs

Planning a trip anywhere can be a chaotic task. Finding the best mode of travel, ensuring that you reach well in time, and planning the perfect number of days so that you cover all activities without getting exhausted or having extra days getting bored. These are some of the typical concerns among travelers.

However, when planning a trip to Harrison Hot Springs, you will be happy to know that there are several tour packages from various travel agencies. These can not only help you in planning the best mode of travel but also form a day by day detailed itinerary, so all you have to do is enjoy. While you can choose to book an itinerary, you can also self plan efficiently, decide how you want to reach your destination, and travel on your own. This would allow you greater flexibility as group tours, or planned tours often stick to a schedule.

No matter which method of travel suits you best, there are three main modes of travel when going to Harrison Hot Springs. All the modes of transport are by road and include travel by Bus, Car, or Train. Depending upon where you are traveling from and by which mode, the duration would vary. For example, if you travel from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs, you can reach your destination in about 3.5 hours by train and between 4.5-5.5 hours by bus or by car.

Harrison Hot Springs attracts a lot of tourists every year, so if you visit the region during peak season, it is essential to book a place to stay well in advance. Additionally, it is vital to find out about all the activities and the timings as applicable, and plan a schedule according to your own preference. You must also leave room for any delays. 

For those looking to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Canada that has something interesting for every mood and every person, Harrison Hot Springs is the place to be. Enjoy the beauty of nature or dip in the hot springs to alleviate all stress and worries. For a fun-filled time, take on some adventurous activities, explore the rich cultural heritage at the art museum, or partake in the arts and music festival. Whatever your ideal vacation type or activities may be, Harrison Hot Springs will make for a mesmerizing and memorable vacation.


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