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Famous places of Sardis, BC

Sardis is a small settlement on Chilliwack’s south side. In the Fraser River Valley, it is approximately 5 kilometres from the city centre. Sardis is the urban center of the south side of Chilliwack and is famous for being a shopping destination. Luckakuck Way is a renowned destination for shopping, eating, and entertainment in Sardis. It includes two major shopping malls – Chilliwack Mall and Cottonwood Mall, several retail outlets, and a cinema.

In addition, Sardis is also famous for its leisure parks. It is noteworthy to mention that the public parks of Sardis are renowned and well-loved for good reason because they comprise an assortment of top-quality recreational equipment. For example, the eponymous Sardis Park encompasses 12 acres of land and is also a sanctuary for several species of wildfowl, including mute swans and trumpeter swans. Likewise, Watson Glen Park is around 27.5 acres large and has recreational spots such as a tennis court, a skate park, and three indoor hockey ricks. The third famous park of Sardis, Chilliwack, is Cheam Leisure Center, which includes multiple squash courts, a weight room, a double gymnasium, a leisure pool, a hot tub, and a sauna, an artificial river, and a 25-meter swimming pool. Lastly, the Sardis also has a park dedicated to skateboarding and BMX cycling.

Being a busy urban center, Sardis is well connected by different modes of transportation. The community’s 24-hour taxi services offer one of the most efficient in the entire province of British Columbia. Now that we know why Sardis is famous, let us get into the details of some cool things you can do in and around Sardis.

6 best places to visit near Sardis, Chilliwack, BC

As already mentioned, Sardis is located in the southern end of Chilliwack, which is a city in British Columbia and is 102 kilometres east of the Trans Canadian Highway. Chilliwack is famous for many outdoor activities such as horse riding, rock climbing, fishing, golf, kayaking, etc. Now let us look at some of the best places you can visit near Sardis, Chilliwack this season.

1. Jasper National Park

It is the ideal weekend getaway destination from Sardis and is located at a night’s drive from Chilliwack. Jasper is one of the most popular national parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts. You can also get a glimpse of icy glaciers, lush green forests, and majestic mountain ranges from the national park. Consequently, Jasper National is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its ethereal natural beauty. With several hiking trails and camping sites, Jasper National Park is also perfect for all adventure lovers looking for a rush of adrenaline.

2. Chilliwack Cultural Center

A must-visit for all art fanatics, the Chilliwack Cultural Center is a performing arts venue that was established in 2010. The center is home to the Chilliwack Players’ Guild as well as the Chilliwack Academy of Music and comprises a 206-seater thrust stage venue. Every January, a two-week show performance is organized at the cultural center, and also there is a Spring festival in May featuring performances from people of age groups. Consequently, Chilliwack Cultural Center also offers masterclasses to individuals interested in art and music. In addition, you can travel from Sardis to the Chilliwack Cultural Center in the 24/7 taxi services that abound the region.

3. Cultus Lake Park

A surreal gift of nature, Cultus Lake Park is one of the best places to visit near Sardis for every adventure enthusiast. Cultus Lake Park offers an array of activities to visitors, including opportunities for fishing, water skiing, windsurfing, wake surfing, kayaking, hiking, standup paddle boarding, and much more. Cultus Lake Park is located 11 kilometres south of Sardis and can easily be accessed by taxi services. The tranquil ambiance of Cultus Lake, coupled with the frolicking vibe of its adjacent area, serves as an ideal weekend getaway for people living in Sardis.

4. Vedder River Rotary Trail

It is a 20.4-kilometre loop trail perched amidst scenic landscapes and surrounded by magnificent mountains. It is an excellent option for a day trip from Sardis, Chilliwack, and it takes an average of 4 hours to complete the loop. It is noteworthy to remember that the trail is moderately challenging, and hikers are advised to remain well-prepared with gears and sturdy footwear. The trail is excellent for running, cycling, or biking; pet dogs are allowed on a leash.

5. Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

It is located on the Trans Canadian Highway and is in close proximity to Sardis. The 38th-highest waterfall in British Columbia, Bridal Veil Falls, is the inspiration for the park’s name. The park is well-loved by tourists, owing to its scenic beauty and other adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and so forth.

6. Chilliwack Lake

Chilliwack Lake, located in the upper bowl of the Chilliwack River, is a nice site to visit if you’re in Sardis. From above the sandy shore, Mount Corriveau, which rises over the lake’s bluff, resembles China’s Great Wall. The Chilliwack River’s rumbling sound can also be heard in the region. An old-growth forest, scenic lakes, and craggy mountain peaks are all part of the park near Chilliwack Lake.

So, there we have it, the best six places you can visit near Sardis, Chilliwack. In addition, you can also visit the Chilliwack Tulip Festival, which is held on a ranch in the Fraser Valley in April. The 24/7 taxi services in Sardis are the ideal mode of transportation to travel to all the locations mentioned above. The taxis’ affordability, along with their all-around availability, makes them ideal for travelling in and around Sardis. Moreover, although Sardis is famous for being a hip shopping center in the southern part of Chilliwack, it has some of the most well-equipped recreational parks in the entire province of British Columbia.

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