Five best weekend spots in and near Chilliwack

Five best weekend spots

Chilliwack and its surrounding area are packed with many options and opportunities for you to get out and about. There are spots in this area where you can get ample sun and heat. And there are spots again in this area where you can remain away from the same.

The entire area is discovered with lakes, rivers, brooks, mountains, greenery, valleys, a collage of aquatic and wildlife, natural and scenic beauty all around, beautiful camping and picnic spots and grounds, extended tracking areas, and tracks, and so much more.

The best part of all this is that Chilliwack is just about 80 kilometers away from Vancouver. The five best weekend spots in and near Chilliwack that have fun activities for nature lovers as well as foodies are:

Allison lake

Douglas fir trees surround Saint lake. 15,000 black water rainbow trout is what you will find out here at Allison lake. Naturally, it has become a dream for anglers of all levels. If you have a paddleboard, canoe, or even a kayak, you’ll want to bring it along to take a tour across the lake. There is excellent potential for water skiing here as well. If you aren’t into camping, there are a limited number of cables available across this entire area. You can book your spot or cabin well in advance. You can always take a round trip across the lake since it is accessible and approachable from both sides. A great weekend getaway spot for your entire family, without a doubt.

Manning park

Manning park is very well known for the magical winter activities and the breathtaking views all around. The year-round appeal of Manning Park is also pretty astounding. This entire area transforms into a Wonderland during the summers. From horseback riding to stargazing and hiking to all types of water sports, Manning Park is a true retreat for those who wish to spend a relaxing and active weekend in the lap of nature. Manning Park is truly a local favorite as well. There are five camping grounds here, which can also help you extend your stay here for more than just a weekend. Manning Park has practically a plethora of activities and relaxation on offer.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker has one of the most beautiful sceneries you could have visited in a lifetime. Artist point is a must-do spot here. You can get one of the most breathtaking views of the volcano here. Go towards the end of Mount Baker Highway to watch over Mount Baker on the southwest side. On the other side, you can gaze over the beautiful North Cascades mountain range and Mount Shuksan. Lose yourself to the beauty of this entire area. The Nooksack falls trail is excellent for hikers and trekkers of different skill levels. Towards the end of the course, enjoy the rapid water flowing in front of you. Chain lakes loop is a must-visit spot. This is a fantastic area to spend your weekend in.


Vancouver is a great city to visit for a night or two. Once you reach Vancouver, you may not even use your car there. There are great movie theatres, art galleries, museums, and more to enjoy actively. And the post-pandemic situation has made all these places open up for business. These beautiful places are only a short distance from the great downtown hotels. This will be a great getaway to enjoy art, culture, and the culinary delights offered here. There are several great breweries along the eastern side of Vancouver. You can enjoy an excellent beer under the sun and on any of the many patios here. The new shipyards district towards the north of Vancouver it’s a great district to visit. You can always take pictures of downtown Vancouver from the other side of the water.

Bridal Veil falls provincial park

The name suggests that this park is among the most fun places in the Chilliwack area. You can not only plan a weekend getaway here but can also arrange a family picnic. The mystical waterfalls here are what this park is famous for. The sheer natural beauty of this waterfall can be with you deeply. The lush green trees and the scenic natural beauty amidst the clouds are enough to relieve you of any stress. The fresh air here is genuinely rejuvenating and refreshing. Stand on the rocks here and click beautiful photos of the natural beauty. The gigantic waterfall can be a great backdrop to all the selfies that you click. This is undoubtedly one of the best places you can take your family to for the weekend.

Why Chilliwack is the best place to spend a weekend!

Chilliwack is simply the best place to go if you’re willing to take a break from the regular mundane urban lifestyle and hop into an area with a fresh breath of air. It has the most beautiful mountain ranges and a plethora of panoramic views, which will make you feel like you are having the best time in your life. It is the best place to go with the family to soothe their senses and enjoy nature’s beauty, which is sure to captivate every person’s heart. Even within the city, there are ample commuting options, and you can enjoy a plethora of activities such as boating, watching sunsets, etc. There are also many adventures, including hiking, trekking, and river rafting. Get to Chilliwack and get away from the hassle of the regular work stress that has been piling up!

Verdict The list of beautiful places above has shown you the five best weekend spots in and near Chilliwack. You can make a solo trip to these places or go on a family outing there. You can plan your weekend with our taxi service. Do understand that the Chilliwack area is not limited to just these five-weekend getaway spots. There are several other spots to enjoy as well here. So please do your survey and research before choosing where you’d like to spend your weekend.

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