How to Find the Cheapest Airport Cabs in Chilliwack?

Cheapest Airport Cabs in Chilliwack

Finding a cheap cab service is not easy, especially if you are looking for a deal in the holiday season. Either there’s no car available for transport or the company sets sky-high prices. Local cars for airport drop-off and pick-up services can be very pricey. That’s why more and more people are booking airport cabs online to save money while enjoying a comfortable and seamless journey.

The demand for these cabs is on the rise during holidays, which is why people book them in advance. High demand for cabs means high prices. Of course, the rates might look cheaper than the local cabs, but they are still quite high.

If you are also planning to book a cab to the airport in Chilliwack, here is what you should consider before booking. These tips will help you find a cab company offering a comfy and quick ride to/from the airport at the cheapest rate.

Research Different Taxi Services

Type “taxi in Chilliwack, Canada” or wherever you live in the Google search bar and check out the top three companies in your area. Visit their websites, go over customer reviews and testimonials, check the services, and compare rates. Explore their collection of cars to see availability and prices. You must also check the cancellation policy. See if they allow you to cancel your bookings at the last minute. This way, you will get a refund if you cancel your reservations.

Compare Rates

The biggest mistake of travelers is booking the first cab they find on the internet. You see some luxurious cars on the website and you fill out the reservation form. You can save tons of money on cab services if you compare the rates and call these companies for a quote before booking. Chances are you will find the same taxi with the same services at a much cheaper rate from another company. You only need to research different companies and get quotes.

Book in Advance

Last-minute booking will be costly. If it’s an emergency travel plan, you don’t have any option other than booking last-minute cabs. However, if you are planning a trip a few weeks ahead of the departure, consider booking cabs in advance. In fact, you should book a cab when booking your flight. Advance booking will most likely cost you much less than what you’d pay if you booked the same cab at the last minute. Besides, there is a good chance you can find discounted offers.

Book Cheapest Economy Car

There’s no point in booking a limo unless you want a grand entry to a special event. Economy cars offer you the same comfort as any luxury cab and at a much lower rate. These cars make sense when 2 to 3 members are traveling to/from the airport. Some car companies allow you to filter the list by the type of car. So, you can search for 3-passenger economy cars and choose the model that looks most suitable.

Skip the Upgrades

During the booking process, you will be tempted to choose add-ons. Of course, the more upgrades you choose, the higher you will pay for reservations. See what services are being offered. Add only things you need. For example, if you don’t have a baby, you don’t need a special baby seat. Those traveling with babies can save money on add-ons by bringing a baby seat from home.

GPS may also cost extra. Considering that you already have one on your mobile, you don’t need additional GPS, especially when it comes at an additional price. Similarly, a toll pass and frequent flier miles are absolutely unnecessary add-ons. We are not saying you should avoid all the upgrades. Check them and choose the ones you absolutely can’t do without—the rest of the things you can bring from home or avoid altogether.

Don’t Buy Insurance

A cab company asks you to check the box of “car insurance” for your trip. Now, this insurance will only be valid for your trip from or to the airport. If you want to save money on car services, do not opt for insurance. Some credit card companies automatically add insurance coverage, so check whether your credit card pays for the insurance too. If you are booking cars within the same city, check if your current car insurance covers the transportation in these cabs as well.

Some insurance coverages extend to all types of cars (even if the insurance is valid for your personal vehicles only). You can save as much as $20 on cabs by skipping the insurance. Besides, opting for insurance is pointless when you already have your personal vehicle insured. The same insurance will most likely cover all your road trips, including those in cabs. So, check with your insurance provider and skip this add-on.

Look for Discounts and Coupons

Do you have an AAA (American Automobile Association) membership? Chances are you will find cabs at a discounted price and with exciting offers. You can also wait for a special occasion when booking cabs. Many companies offer exciting deals on cabs on holidays. The question is, how do you know when the company offers special deals on cabs? Sign up for their newsletter to get notifications every time they introduce a discount or promotional deal. You could also use coupons to get your favorite car at an affordable price.

Some cab companies offer you a discount on booking the services in advance. All you have to do is pay for the cab upfront instead of transferring the payment when the car comes to pick you up. Not every company offers such discounts, but it is worth checking. Discounts on advance payments can be as much as one-third of the total price.


Enjoy a hassle-free journey to/from the airport and parts of the Chilliwack town with a luxury cab from Cheam Taxi. Call the company on 604-847-1111 for booking a cab in advance. They offer 24/7 airport pick-up and drop-off services at reasonable prices.

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