Important Things You Must Know Before Booking a Taxi

Important Things You Must Know Before Booking a Taxi by cheam taxi

Long-distance traveling requires a comfortable ride. You can’t rely on public transportation when traveling to the airport or a hill station near your town. Public transportation might be the cheapest option for people looking to move from one place to another, but it doesn’t offer you the convenience and comfort you expect from your road trip.

That’s where the cab services come in. Now, you can enjoy a quick and hassle-free ride to/from the airport in these cabs. The best part is you can choose from an extensive variety of cars available at different prices. Here’s what you should know before booking a taxi for the airport.

Avoid Car Insurance

Cab services come with plenty of add-ons, one of which is car insurance. While that may look like a necessity, you don’t need insurance to secure your ride. Most car insurance policies extend to all vehicles, meaning you can use your current insurance policy for all your rides—whether they are on your personal vehicle or a taxi.

Car insurance, as an add-on for your cab, can cost you $10 to $20 upfront. It’s an unnecessary expense, even if your current car insurance does not cover cabs, you should avoid this add-on. Most credit card companies offer car insurance for all vehicles without charging extra. It’s best to call and check with your credit card company to know if the insurance is applicable and what are the limitations. Before that, you should check if your current insurance covers taxis.

You can’t Use Cabs for Off-road Adventures

Cab companies have certain limitations when it comes to road conditions. If it’s bumpy or uneven terrain, chances are the company won’t accept your booking. Taxis are strictly for airport transportation. Fortunately, some cab companies in Chilliwack have extended their services to sightseeing locations, out-of-the-town places, children pick-up and drop-off services, and other short trips.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use rental cars for off-road travel purposes. Some rental companies offer SUVs and other cars for off-road adventures too. You can check their website to see whether or not they cover off-road trips.

Take a Stop at Gas Station

For small distance traveling, you don’t need to fill up the tanks of your cab. But, some companies charge you an additional price for gas if you return the car without a full tank. It is important that you take at least one stop at any gas station on your way. Check the company’s policy to know if you are required to return the car with a full tank. If you fail to do this, the company will charge you extra for gas. And, this price will be much higher than the average gas cost. However, most taxis do not require that. Make sure you check the policies before booking. Whether it is a van for an outstation ride or a compact can for transportation to and from the airport, check the policies of the company before completing the reservation.

Book Online

You can book a taxi online. It takes only a couple of seconds to complete your booking. If you are not sure about the online booking process, simply call the cab company, share your requirements, and they will handle the rest. You need to share your current location, as well as, where you want to be dropped off.

Online booking is the easiest and fastest way to complete your cab booking. All you have to do is visit the official website of the cab providers, select a suitable car, enter the pick-up and drop-off locations, and make the payment. There you go! The car will pick you up from your hotel, airport, or other locations.

No Need to Opt for Extras

Sometimes, the add-ons are automatically included in your service. If you don’t tick them off the list, their cost will be added to the final price. For example, taxis come equipped with GPS and radios. You might not need them at all if you are traveling within the town. Or, if you need them, you could simply bring your own GPS. The company charges you extra for every add-on. Some of these you can bring your own, while others are not needed at all.

For instance, the child seat comes as an add-on in cabs, but not everyone needs that. Even if you have a child, you could bring your own child seat to save the extra fee. Bring your own extras and mark them off the list when booking cabs in Chilliwack.

Book Early

The time of booking plays an important role in determining the total booking price. If you book in advance, you will most likely pay lesser than last-minute booking. Even if you need a cab for the airport or nearby places, you should book 3-4 weeks ahead of your departure. This gives you more options and at better rates.

Early booking is highly recommended for those traveling to a different town. As mentioned above, the rates are pretty high for last-minute cabs. Plus, you don’t get to choose from a variety of cars, i.e. if the cab to your selected destination is available at all. Advance booking also means you can get your hands on a discounted deal or a special offer.

Bottom Line

A taxi is a great alternative to public transportation and your own vehicle at times. Whether you need a ride to the nearest airport or you are traveling a long distance, these cabs offer a comfortable ride at a reasonable price. Make sure you research different companies and ask questions about the price, add-ons, insurance coverage, and safety features before booking. You could check the policies for more information. If you can’t find a reliable cab service in Chilliwack, call Cheam Taxi on tel:+1-604-847-1111 and complete your booking right away. Have a safe journey!

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