The top attractions to visit in Cultus Lake

Top attraction in Cultus Lake to visit

Located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada, Cultus Lake is a vibrant community and provincial park region getting its name from the iconic Lake belonging to the community. The Cultus Lake is a beautiful region offering a variety of activities and attractions for tourists and residents to explore.

The region, covering an area of 656 hectares on each side of the Lake, became a provincial park in 1950. People enjoy a plethora of recreational activities, including kayaking, surfing, swimming, fishing, water skiing, and much more. To find out the top attractions of this place, keep on reading.

Must Visits in Cultus Lake

Among the many attractions that inhabit Cultus Lake, inviting hundreds and thousands of people every year to enjoy, the following are the absolute best:

  • Teapot hill: Hiking up the Teapot Hill is one of the top attractions of Cultus Lake. It’s called Teapot Hill because, along the hiking trail, hikers would find various teapot sculptures hidden. The discovery of each will bring you an unprecedented dose of excitement. The hidden teapots among the lush greenery make it a pleasant hiking experience for children as well as adults alike. Take a stroll through the hill to enjoy the pure and fresh air and beautiful green trails, find each teapot, and get a sense of milestone accomplishment. Enjoy the beautiful view of the entire region as you reach the top.
  • Cultus Lake Park: To enjoy some downtime with family, friends, your significant other, or just by yourself, visit Cultus Lake Park. A beautiful view of the magnificent Cultus Lake would allow you to unwind. However, the Lake can be pretty populated given its incredible popularity. If you do not mind crowds, this place will be a wonderful place to just sit back and enjoy a few beers and perhaps some BBQ.
  • Cultus Lake Adventure Park: Cultus Lake Adventure Park is an excellent place for adrenaline junkies and families with kids. Packed with rides and activities, this amusement park will make the trip to Cultus Lake a fun one. Carousel, Balloon Adventure, Wagon Wheel, Windmill Drop, and Runaway Mine Rain are just a few of the myriad of rides you can find here. This adventure park has something for everyone, no matter your age.
  • Cultus Lake Golf Club: Ideal for golfers both seasoned and novice, the Cultus Lake Golf Club is a beautiful destination for some sophisticated fun. Enjoy great food, and spend a day putting some shots through the green carpets and challenging golf terrain. Starting from simple to more challenging holes to score, this place would enable families and older couples or groups to slow down and enjoy some time relaxing as well as upping their game.
  • Cultus Lake Provincial Park: Visit the Cultus Lake Provincial Park to admire a beautiful landscape created by nature. This region has a collection of natural characteristics, such as forests, hillsides, a freshwater lake, and picnicking places. Four campsite cottages are also present here. Here, your desire to partake in some energizing activities will be fully satisfied. The location is perfect for camping, trekking, paragliding, kayaking, and catching fish. People frequently enjoy visiting the miniature golf facilities and eateries located in the park’s surrounding locations. Visit this tranquil location with all of your travel buddies.
  • Cultus Lake Water Park: The Cultus Lake water park is a part of the amusement park itself. The water park is another fun place to be, especially for families with kids and groups of friends. It is a lively and playful park that never ceases to astonish both children and adults simultaneously. There are a multitude of exhilarating waterslides and a really spectacular pool that makes the entire area exciting to discover. The children’s favorite attractions are the looping slides and tunnels. The waterpark also consists of a restaurant and BBQ area and is hygienically maintained to ensure the utmost safety of all the patrons.
  • Camping at Cultus Lake: Cultus Lake is one of the top destinations for camping. In addition to the Provincial Park, which consists of four campsite pavilions, the Cultus Lake region is also known for serving as one of the best campsites. Not only is it a great place to enjoy some night camping, but waking up to a beautiful sunrise and sunset near the Lake will be an experience unlike any other. For a peaceful yet adventurous time, camping at Cultus Lake is highly recommended. Take your family for some much-needed family bonding time in today’s busy life schedules.
  • Seven Sisters Trail: The Seven Sisters Trail is a beautiful trek to undertake when in Cultus Lake. The terrain is full of beautiful sights, and the forest trail is full of Douglas fir trees. Originally named Seven Sisters after the 7 humongous trees, the trail now only consists of 3 of the original seven sisters. The four others have, over the years, as a result of old age, fallen down. However, that has not diminished the beauty of this trail. It is a short trek, perfect for a quick hike, but you will experience tranquility, peace, and a feeling of oneness with nature.

All of these beautiful places make for a fantastic summer vacation destination to be enjoyed with friends and family. The numerous activities ensure a fun-filled time. Whether it is the peace you are looking for or an adventurous time, Cultus Lake, British Columbia, Canada, is the place to be. Camp at the various campsites, kayak in the freshwater bodies, surf in the Lake, relax with a cold beer and barbeque, paraglide from the hillsides, spend some time fishing, or take in nature. Whatever type of vacation you wish to have, Cultus Lake will make it a memorable time for you.

If you are visiting Canada or reside in Canada but do not want to visit one of those typical tourist destinations which have been highly commercialized and only attract bunches of crowds, take a look at Cultus Lake. It offers numerous opportunities to enjoy and have an extraordinary vacation that brings you back to nature.


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