Vedder River Fishing Tips and Tricks

Vedder River Fishing Tips and Tricks

Interested in fishing? If the answer’s a resounding and promising YES and you’re in Canada, then head to Vedder River. It’s one of the most loved rivers, especially on the lower mainland. The river provides all kinds of recreational activities for youngsters and elderly people. That’s not all! It’s the best place for fishing, so anglers need to get ready for some action.

Fishing is an exciting activity. These days the concept of fishing has seen innumerable changes. Usually, anglers catch and release just to protect the environment, but the rules are different for every place you visit.

Vedder River is all about thrilling activities and it’s a must-visit for people of all age groups.

Are you ready for the expedition? You are aware that fishing requires patience, but there are some more useful tips that will come in handy. What are those? You’ll find out through this post as we will unravel the best Vedder River Fishing Tips. Dive right in!

Vedder River Vs. Chilliwack River – Is there any difference?

A single river has two names. Chilliwack and Vedder are two names, but it’s the same river. The only difference is that Vedder is the lower portion. Anything that is above the Vedder Crossing bridge is known as Chilliwack. It’s the upper portion of the river.

So, if you are in the lower portion, you are at the Vedder River.

Tips and Tricks To Do Fishing in Vedder River

Since you are new to Vedder fishing, it’s time to break some news to you. There are various techniques of catching different kinds of fish. Let’s say you wish to catch a Coho salmon, there is a high chance this fish likes to keep moving. Another kind of fish may like to stick with their original school of fish. So, the strategy will be different to catch different kinds of fish.

Want to know more? Here are some more tips and tricks to do fishing in Vedder River:

  • Steelhead fishing offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventure enthusiasts. Winter steelhead enters the river in late January. So, the best time to catch Winter steelhead is from mid-February to the end of May. You will get about 10,000+ fish every year. You have to showcase all your angling skills because the fish knows how to jump really high!
  • Chinook Salmon fish enter the mighty Vedder River during the end of July. They are always ready to fight, so once again, you have to put forward an A game. Once July ends, you will also see the remaining four species of the beautiful salmon running to the Vedder river. These salmon variants prance around till the end of October. If you are visiting the river during a fall day, it’s best to go fishing. You can also catch Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, and Cutthroat Trout during these months.
  • Whenever the Vedder river gets crowded, make sure you have an agreement with other anglers. It is best to have a specific timing reserved for fishing in the Vedder River during crowded days.
  • The Slesse Creek is the best place to fish! There is almost 36 kilometres of fishable water here. The upper boundary is a goldmine for those who wish to catch fish, but the lower river is channelled.
  • When the water is low, salmon do not like to enter the shallow water of the Vedder canal. If you find that the water is shallow, it’s best to wait for the right time.
  • Steelhead and salmon usually mill around the Vedder’s Canal’s mouth or the Fraser River. They usually move both in and out of the canal at the wee hours of the night. If you don’t have a boat, you can also hike downstream and do the needful.
  • Fishes are always on the move, but they might find a bouldery and tiny pocket that only a mighty and experienced angler would know of.
  • Never stop experimenting! If you are new to fishing, you should try different techniques and see what works for you! Some amateurs get lucky at the first time and the credit goes to their experimentation skills. It’s also about the lure you use. If the fish is curious about the lure, they will come nearer and you will get lucky!
  • Mid-October is a good time to catch Coho. There are high chances you will get lucky during this time.
  • Don’t lose heart if you don’t catch a large fish. There are high chances of catching little fishes in the Vedder River, but there are days when you get lucky and catch a bigger fish.
  • All anglers need to have a tidal waters sports fishing licence. You can purchase this licence online before heading out to fish some steelheads and salmon. Do not go out if you don’t have this licence because all the effort will go in vain. Please note: licences are purchased annually, so get yours now. The pricing of the licence is different for residents and non-residents. Children under the age of 16 are free to fish, but it is better to have a licence to go fishing. Tidal licences are meant for saltwater fishing and not freshwater fishing. Get a freshwater fishing licence if you intend to go for a specific adventure.
  • The best bait for Coho salmon is shrimp, pro-cured roe, and different wool colours. They are deeply enticed by yarn, especially the ones that are coloured.
  • Any kind of salmon can be lured with brightly coloured wool. However, you would need some scent on it. You could opt for pro-cure jelly shrimp, anchovy,  herring, shrimp oil, ghost shrimp gel, or even garlic gel/oil. Use these scents to lure the fish. These are easily available in bait shops near Vedder River.
  • For float fishing or drift fishing, you must use a medium heavy action or medium rod that measures 9’6” to 11’3”

Concluding Thoughts

We have shared all the tips and tricks with you to fish in the Vedder River. So, choose the best time, finest bait, and do not choose seasons that are not meant for specific kinds of fish. You have all the details with you now, so make sure you TIME your fishing trip to Vedder River accordingly.

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