fish in Chilliwack and surrounding areas of valley

About 80 kilometers away from Vancouver, Chilliwack has the best natural rivers and lakes. The scenic mountain views and the beautiful natural surroundings are a treat for those who wish to enjoy a weekend getaway. Of course, there are several activities that you can involve yourself in and around Chilliwack.

However, casting a line is truly the best possible activity here. The rivers and lakes here are thriving. Trout, salmon, and sturgeon are abundant here. You may ask where to fish in Chilliwack. Well, here goes.

For beginners

Always make sure that you first get the proper license to do so before you go out fishing. It depends on the region you choose and what kind of fish you plan to cast the line. Your residency, who you are, and other such factors will be required to be registered first. There are various online sites where you can find more information on purchasing your fishing license.

Be sure to be prepared when you go out fishing in Chilliwack. The gear and the water safety and how you have planned for them will matter for sure. You must know what is required for your protection and the equipment allowed for your fishing experience. It is always best to go well prepared as it also assures you that you will have a better time fishing or engaging in other activities.

What, where, and when

You first need to know the species that abound during a particular season. When and where to find them is truly important for you to get the best possible fishing experience. You must check with the department of fisheries for any closure or restrictions that may be in force when you’re planning to go fishing in Chilliwack. Here is a list of the species you may find at particular times and where to find them.

You can find black crappie during winter in Chilliwack lake. Winter and spring are the best time for you to fish bull trout and brook trout at the Fraser River and Lindeman lake. You can find the Chinook salmon and the Chilliwack river, Fraser river, and Cultus lake during late summer and early fall.

Late summer and fall are the best time for you to fish for Kokanee and Dolly Varden across various water bodies in the Chilliwack area. Chilliwack Lake, Fraser River, Cultus Lake, and Chilliwack river are famous for lake trout, northern pikeminnow, pink salmon, mountain whitefish, rainbow trout, steelhead, and even the sockeye salmon.

For those who enjoy fishing white sturgeon, the Fraser River is the best to visit during spring, summer, and fall.

Sturgeon on the Fraser river

Simply holding this prehistoric fish in your hands is an exceptional experience. Sturgeon fishing itself is one of the unique experiences that you can have. It is practically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. You may be surprised to know that sturgeons can live to be over 100 years old, growing up to more than three meters in length.

Always make sure to have a guide by your side to go through the exact and proper technique to catch a sturgeon and have a better chance of making that catch. Please remember that these Beautiful Creatures need to be handled with absolute care. And also, remember that they need to be kept in the water for as long as possible and as much as possible.

Tackle shops and guided fishing

If you opt for a guided fishing tour, you’ll get many benefits. You are bound to be able to catch a fish, and you can relax knowing that every aspect of the refreshing experience has been taken care of already. Depending on the type of fishing you’re going out for, you usually will not need to bring anything of your own. The experience itself is delightful and memorable. There are many guided fishing companies in the area in and around Chilliwack. There are several tackle shops for you to buy equipment from.

Fishing Techniques in Chilliwack

Mostly when fishing for salmon or steelhead, one of the most used fishing techniques is to use the process of float fishing with different types of bait such as roe, single eggs, ghost shrimp, and any artificial bait.

Casting artificial lures might also be dangerous as fishing pools and other water bodies may have weak river currents. Fly Fishing is also one of the most used practices in the lower portions of the rivers, where the landforms are more conducive for fishing. It is sure to offer you a better experience during the peak seasons of fly fishing search in August, September, November, April, or May, as the water level is usually low during these times.

In case you are thinking of targeting smaller species of fish, you can try exploring the waters with a small spinning rod that may be able to yield some trout. Other small fish such as the northern Pikeminnow and suckers. One great way to fish these smaller fish would be to use float fishing with relatively more minor bait items such as dew worms, casting small lures, or simply going with simple eggs.

Remember that you need to have a British Columbia freshwater fishing license if you plan to fish in Chilliwack. Fishing is one of the best activities that you can enjoy in Chilliwack. Therefore, if you are free this weekend, get the fishing spirits on and march on!

Conclusion The discussion we’ve had above will enable you to take steps to ensure a fantastic experience for your entire family. Fishing in the Chilliwack area is a year-round activity. To top it all, the various locals, scenic beauty, the serene mountains and lakes, the beautiful surroundings, nature’s gifts, and the peace of this entire area will create a romantic relationship with you, one that will make you come back time and again, not just for fishing, but also to be with nature and away from the hustle and bustle of your daily grind.

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